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A bespoke, luxury aquarium is the perfect addition to your superyacht and can be designed to meet the specific requirements of your yacht and personal taste.

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MY 58m


When Melik received a request to install a bespoke aquarium on board a 58 metre superyacht, we were thrilled to accept the challenge. Working within the limited space, we created a high and narrow tank, with the filter system located in the basement of the yacht. The operational equipment is controlled on board via a touchscreen device and can also be accessed and managed remotely from Melik’s central maintenance centre. 


The aquascaped tank environment was freshwater and features Malawi cichlids, woods, rocks, and a variety of plants, including Anubias, Microsorum and Ferns.




Size: 930 x 570 x 1350 (h)

Type: Freshwater

Aquascape: Stones, woods, plants 

Fishes: Cichlids

Volume: 850 liter with Sump

Built: 2008

Motor Yacht : MY 58 m. - Monte Carlo - MONACO

Maintenance Frequency: Weekly


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