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"A bespoke, luxury aquarium is the perfect addition to your superyacht and can be designed to meet the specific requirements of your yacht and personal taste."

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AYD 46m - S

Saltwater Aquarium

While cruising through the Mediterranean or Caribbean seas and drinking a cocktail at the bar on the upper deck of the new 46 meter Sanlorenzo’s super yacht, at first glance you don’t realise that you are actually leaning on a tropical aquarium, where clownfish are hidden through anemones.

Luxury aquariums have become a must-have element of style and elegance aboard of super yachts, and the creation of these impressive pieces of design is one of the main goals of Melik Aquarium.

This Super Yacht has been launched in July 2015 at the drydocks of Viareggio, Italy, and presented at Monaco Yacht show in September 2015. The overall lay-out is typical for a vessel of this size: four large cabins, with two double and two twin with an additional pullman bed, are located on the lower deck and the owner’s cabin is located in the full beam area of the upper deck. Large, luxurious saloons are located on both the main deck and upper deck. Scorpion’s expansive sun deck features an external bar, a dining table and a jacuzzi area.  

The client had a clear personal vision of the project, looking for ‘Pleasure and Happiness’. 

The architect has been able to satisfy the client’s expectations of quality, comfort and beauty, thanks to the best craftsmanship, innovation, distinctive style and the beauty of extraordinary pieces of specialised furniture and art.

This Super Yacht has a unique interior comprised only by bespoke items; every piece has been specifically designed and created for it.

As part of this project Melik Aquarium has been able to implement the aquarium into the harmony of furniture, creating a unique piece of design, where the aquarium is not just a decor, but a real part of the furniture.

The creation of an aquarium aboard a super yacht presents a number of additional difficulties compared to solutions for domestic and commercial spaces.

The 750 liter methacrylate tank is use aboard as bar counter, recreating a tropical reef environment with living corals and unique fishes.

The success of such a project is made possible by meticulous attention to detail earned through years of experience. From the preliminary design to the material selection, from the coordination with other workers on board to a management plan and maintenance totally customised, everything has to be studied carefully. 

With nine years of experience on board, Melik Aquarium is able to offer to the costumer the best on the market: high quality materials, systems with compensation tanks in the event of rough seas, automation managed by computer with touch screen, meticulous detail care, 24/7 assistance.

Once positioned, the aquarium is subjected to tests in the sea with emergency manoeuvres in order to check the stability and effectiveness of the tanks of compensation, as well as the remote management system with which technicians can intervene in distance to control and recreate the optimal conditions. The crew receive adequate training to operate the regular maintenance of the aquarium, with the possibility to make the control of the parameters of the water and of the equipment not only on the spot, but also from remote. Melik Aquarium’s technicians are available for ordinary maintenance operations in Italy and the French Riviera and, on request, for operations worldwide. 

For this project Melik Aquarium has granted a full warranty for fishes and corals, one year of spare parts supply and two maintenance visit per year, safety pack, remote biological maintenance, 

Melik is cutting the edge concerning aboard aquarium, with innovative technologies; but moreover, the company creates unique pieces of design with a strong scenic impact. The Melik  Aquaria are living works of art, made according to the taste of the client, recreating marine and freshwater habitats with absolute fidelity.

Having a Melik Aquarium aboard is a true experience for your senses, whether is the beauty of the ocean or the evocative atmosphere of a tropical river that charms you.




Size: 1700 x 800 x 900 (h)

Type: Saltwater

Aquascape: Live rocks, corals LPS 

Fishes: Red Sea and Australian Fishes

Volume: 900 liter with Sump

Built: 2015

Motor Yacht : MY 46 m. - Viareggio - Italy

Maintenance Frequency: Weekly

Tank Monitoring: Daily by remote control (PC)


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