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"A dazzling display where corals shimmer and colourful fish seem to swim amongst the beautiful jewellery on display."

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jewels tank


Beautiful jewels deserve a breath-taking display cabinet. When Melik was commissioned by a jeweller in Florence to create a memorable experience for its customers, we devised a beautiful, secure and unique way to showcase their jewellery.


Six bespoke aquariums were created, each with a capacity of 600 litres. Within each tank sits a second, display tank, sealed off from the main aquarium and featuring independently controlled lighting that highlights the jewellery within to maximum effect.

Once built, our aquaculture specialists created a beautiful environment from soft corals and fish from the Red Sea. The display created the illusion of fish swimming amongst the dazzling jewels on display.


The professional filter system is controlled remotely by computer, whilst a walkway behind the tanks provides access for essential maintenance and enables staff to change the jewellery displays quickly and easily. To ensure maximum security and peace of mind, each tank was built using high quality, bulletproof glass.




Dimensions: n°6  tanks 1300 x 570 x 800 (h)

Type: Saltwater

Aquascape: Live rock, Fishes, Soft Corals 

Fishes: Reef Fishes

Volume: 4000 liter Sump included

Built: 2003

Place : Florence - Italy


Maintenance frequency: Weekly

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