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"Your window into a tranquil underwater world; where fish play on a living, growing coral reef."

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corals Reef


When a coral enthusiast approached Melik with a vision for a rapid growth coral reef aquarium in their home, we were thrilled at the challenge ahead.


The right lighting was essential. To ensure healthy, rapid growth of the small polyp stony (sps) corals, a bespoke lighting system was devised by our experts. The aquarium is equipped with a professional lighting system that includes HQI lights, Neon T5 and TED lamps for the night. The total power consumption equates to around 4000w and to ensure the safety of the system, the aquarium uses an independent power supply, separate from the family home.


The tank is formed from extra-clear glass on a trapezoidal steel base. The surrounding cabinet is coated in stunning Feather Ceresara to complete the look of naturally inspired luxury. A top-of-the-line, fully automated filter system is located under the cabinet and controlled by computer.


The tank is populated with approximately 300kg of live rock, about 400 sps corals and no less than 150 inhabiting fish, all sourced directly from Fiji. The end result is a captivating underwater scene that continues to change and grow over time.




Dimensions: 3200 x 500 x 750(h)

Type: Saltwater

Aquascape: Live rock, fishes, corals SPS

Fishes: Reef fishes

Volume: 1400 litri Sump included

Built: 2003

Place: Milan - Italy

Maintenance Frequency: Weekly

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