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AYD 150M

Concept Aquarium

When the designer Gabriele Teruzzi contacted us with this preliminary sample of this ambitious project, our attention has instantly been caught by the innovative features of this Mega Yacht. Its 150 meters of length, the owner suite with its private terrace and uplifted swimming pool, a beach club, a second pool with fall in the main deck and the luxurious furniture make this Concept Yacht a real dream for a few lucky people.

His idea of aquarium was something never seen before. There were a lot of difficulties due to the dimensions and the placement of the tank, but the enthusiasm prevailed.


So a new collaboration started between our company and the designer in order to both work on aesthetic aspects and the realisation of the project. The tank has an overall volume of about 30000 liters and has been placed in the center of the beach area. The aim of the aquarium is to divide but also to link the two part of the yacht in an extremely glamorous environment.

The visual impact of the dimensions of the tank suggest the power of the project, called "Sheddai", which literally means "omnipotent".


The tank is realised in metacrylate which can be seen on the four sides, with an automatic system of darkening to reduce the direct exposition to the sun, which causes the growth of algae on the glasses. The aquarium recreates the tropical ecosystem, with real and fake rocks in order to reproduce the best reef environment. Due to the large dimensions of the aquarium, medium to big sized fishes will be introduced as well as soft corals.

The lightening system uses the artificial light during the night to create an highly suggestive effect. Also the filters, controlled by a computer, have been projected to guarantee their correct function in all of the cruise's conditions. They will be placed in a dedicated area of about 20 square meters in the lower floor. Both the inner pumps and the overflows of the water towards the filters will be located in the central part of the aquarium, carefully hidden by the tropical environment. 


A unique project, a mutual exchange of know-how and imagination, which has pushed our team and the designer Teruzzi to create something that we have all just been dreaming of. Style, unque design, emotions and luxury in a perfect match which has opened a new way to project super yachts.


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