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Saltwater tank on board 72 metres Super Yacht Tankoa "SOLO"                                                                                                                                 

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AYD 72m-S


Tropical marine tank created for the notorious italian shipyard TANKOA YACHT located in Genoa. For the tank’s project, we tried to satisfy the shipyard and the designer’s requests as they were looking for a tank that fitted perfectly with the minimalist and modern style of the interiors.

The tank sits inside the main deck and it’s 2 meters in length and 90 cm large with the back wall made in black methacrylate to give the sense of elegance and space. The total volume is around 1400 litres and the internal decor has two rocks placed on the side. A hidden pipe system guarantee a correct movement of the water.

The filter station is positioned on the backside of the aquarium and is equipped with a computer that controls and manages all the installed tech gears. The probes monitor 24h the vital parameters of the aquarium: Ph, temperature, conductivity and potential Redox.

The computer runs chemical tests at regular intervals to keep the KH of the water under control. The filter station is positioned behind the tank and guarantees the regular maintenance in full commodity even with guests on board. The light system is LED made with different channels and dimmable, controllable with iOS and Android and able to recreate moon phases and random climate changes: from full sun days to cloudy days and can even simulate thunderstorms by reducing the light and emanate flashes. Like all our aquariums created on board of super yacht, even this tank is equipped of all the necessary tech devices to guarantee the safety and the toughest navigation conditions.




Size: 1900 x 900 x 1000 (h)

Type: Saltwater

Aquascape: Live Rocks, corals and fishes

Fishes: Reef fishes

Volume: 1600 liter with Sump

Built: 2018

Motor Yacht : MY 72 m. - Genova - Italy

Maintenance Frequency: Weekly


Tank Monitoring: Daily by remote control (PC)


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