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"Bespoke plexiglass marine aquarium. Setting up of a real coral reef inside a beautiful apartment"

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Reef Aquarium


It is not easy to find the right words to describe this tank, not even these beautiful images do it justice.


Aquarium has been expertly placed in the entrance corridor separating the imposing minimalist-style lounge. The scenic effect is truly noteworthy: during the day the light coming from the numerous windows of the living room crosses the aquarium illuminating the adjacent hallway. Conversely, during the night the LED lighting of the aquarium creates a suggestive atmosphere in both adjacent rooms.

The tank, with a useful volume of over 2500 liters, was made of 50mm thick methacrylate. The fully automated filter area was designed entirely to measure and created using numerical control machines.

The interior layout is tropical marine, with the choice of inserting only soft corals and reef fish as requested by the client during the design phase. The infill of the aquarium, which is also totally made to measure, was made using the same materials chosen for the covering of the hall it overlooks. All the technical compartments of the aquarium can also be easily inspected by both the customer and our staff during periodic maintenance.

Currently there are about 20 species of fish included, but with a gradual planned insertion plan that will soon bring the presence of over 300 fish and at least 50 different corals.

This tank is an example of how today, thanks to the technique present in this sector and adequate design, it is possible to have a barrier angle inside our homes.


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