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"With years of experience installing luxury aquariums in homes, offices and aboard superyachts, you can reply on our installation team to be punctual, professional and private."

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A discreet and professional construction service

Melik’s Italian heritage makes us especially selective about the materials and metals that go into the making of our fine aquariums. Our interior designers are constantly seeking the best suppliers; all of our leather lining, woods and marble fittings come directly from Italy, ensuring the unique and world-famous quality of Italian craftsmanship.


Our installation process is planned well in advance to ensure minimal impact on your working or home life. With many years of experience behind them, our skilled team of installation engineers can be relied upon to carry out their work discretely and professionally. 


Upon the completion of installation, each aquarium customer is supplied with a test certificate, warranty, and customised user manual. A maintenance and management schedule for the care of your fish tank and its inhabitants can also be provided.




Melik luxury aquariums offer a seamless, professional and international service designed to meet the specific desires of our discerning clientele. Please contact us  for more information.


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