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About Us


"Professionally designed, masterfully crafted and filled with a stunning array of coral, plants and sea life. At Melik, creating bespoke, luxury aquariums is our passion."

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About Us

Creating living works of art

The beauty of the ocean can be awe-inspiring and even more so when it is captured in a living, breathing work of art for your home, office or superyacht. 


At Melik, we bring our clients visions to life, creating bespoke aquariums that are expertly designed, installed and maintained. Fine Italian designs are expertly crafted with luxury materials and technical perfection.


With offices in London, Dubai and Milan, we can take on a range of global projects with speed and efficiency, particularly in Europe, the UEA and USA. We specialise in creating customised aquariums of the highest quality and manage each project personally and professionally from start to finish; from initial design and construction, through to periodic maintenance of your bespoke fish tank.


Our team consists of interior designers, engineers and biologists who expertly combine style with professional technical experience in creating an optimal and beautiful habitat for your hand-picked aquarium plants and fish.

To discover more about our range of bespoke, luxury aquariums, contact the Melik team.