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Melik Aquarium

Aquarium Design

Unique style, skilled professionists and the guarantee of an optimal habitat for the species introduced: with Melik Design Aquarium, the aquarium becomes a living work of art made with premium materials and the best technical solutions that will fit harmoniously the immediate sourroundings.


Melik Aquarium is an international company, with headquarters in London and representative offices in Dubai and Milan. Operating in Europe, USA and the Middle East, Melik Aquarium creates design aquariums for homes, offices and aboard superyachts.


The highly qualified team of this dynamic company combines the expertise of professional designers, engineers and biologists to offer customers a fully customized aquarium. Melik Aquarium covers all stages of the creation and preservation of the aquarium, following the customer from the design to the construction, to the maintenance of the aquarium.


Melik Aquarium starts from the idea of ​​the customer and builds it into a complete project, in line with the subjective needs and the environment in which the aquarium is going to be inserted. The experienced team of biologists and aqua scapers will work to ensure that the plants, corals and wildlife inside the luxury aquarium are compatible with both the costumers aestethic desires and others.


Melik Aquarium has many years experience in the construction and installation of aquariums aboard super yachts: quality materials, systems of tanks compensation in the event of rough seas, fully automated computer controlled touch screens and 24 hour on-call assistance provide a perfect product to the customer. Melik Aquarium transforms the aquarium into a piece of luxury furniture that can give a unique personality to private and commercial spaces.


Each aquarium made by the team of Melik Aquarium is comparable to a work of haute couture, which combines the specific demands of the customer with the competences of our consultants, always able to identify the perfect technical solution. The products Melik Aquarium  derives from the meeting with the client and an accurate inspection carried out in order to better understand the environment in which the product will be engaged. The 3D graphical simulation allows to offer the customer a realistic preview of his aquarium and change the features with him to find the optimal solution.

The type of aquarium, the type of filtering and lining materials are chosen on the basis of individual project in order to guarantee a unique product. The aquariums of sea water or freshwater are made with customised filtering systems, to ensure maximum efficiency in combination with the simplicity of management. The excellence of the product, made with stainless steel and plexiglass of the best quality, goes even outside the tank: coating materials, from marble to skins, are rigorously made in Italy.

With Melik Aquarium, the aquarium becomes a customised work of art, created to complement and complete a luxurious setting. In residential, commercial spaces or aboard Super Yacht, Melik Aquarium’s products are the ideal choice for those who want fine Italian design expertly crafted with  luxury Made in Italy materials and technical perfection.


Melik Aquarium guarantees the realization of an aquarium with high aesthetic standards, perfectly matched with the surroundings, and the total biological compatibility of flora and fauna inside. The commitment of Melik Luxury Aquarium goes beyond the delivery of the product, offering the assistance of its experts for a customized maintenance of the aquarium over time.


Whether is the beauty of the ocean reef or the evocative atmosphere of a tropical river to charm you, Melik Aquarium recreates the magic of that environment in  the aquarium design. The high quality materials, the experience of the team Melik Aquarium and the maintenance service will give a shape to your dream and keep its luxurious shine in time.


The technical and acquariological expertises of  Melik Aquarium are able to meet all demands, creating solutions for contexts and needs.