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Manifestation of luxury

aquarium design as exclusive new trend

There are manifestations of luxury able more than others to trap and express the essence of aesthetics and good taste of their owners. The aquarium, refined piece of furniture par excellence, is now exhibited in luxury homes and in the most sophisticated international boutiques. A design aquarium is a charming complement, able to enhance a luxurious ambience with a touch of sophisticated, exotic originality. Recently, a even more exclusive new trend has conquered the lovers of beauty: the luxury aquarium has become a must-have element of style and elegance even aboard super yachts. A challenge of class and aesthetics involves millionaires around the world in search of forms and creations always more original and luxurious to shape the aquarium aboard. Melik Aquarium crosses with his creations the new frontier of luxury, offering splendid solutions fully customized for the super yachts.

The keystone in the luxury products proposed by Melik Aquarium is the ability to adapt to the requirements of the Client, creating customized solutions that follow the inspiration and creativity in the choice of form and coating materials for the aquarium. The absolute quality of the product is ensured by consulting with marine biologists in the team Melik Aquarium, which accurately recreate the natural environment and the best conditions for the fishes. The choice of excellence is confirmed from the first up to the last step of setting up the aquarium: the extreme quality of Made in Italy goes from the design to the chosen materials.

The creations proposed by Melik Aquarium are living works of art, made according to the taste of the client, recreating marine and freshwater habitats with absolute fidelity. The advices of expert marine biologists makes possible to select the most suited species to faithfully recreate environments with rocks, fish and live corals. The creation of an aquarium on board a super yacht presents a number of additional difficulties compared to solutions for domestic and commercial spaces. The success of the project is made possible by meticulous attention to detail earned through years of experience. From preliminary design to material selection, from the coordination with other workers on board to a management plan and maintenance totally customized, everything has to be studied carefully. With nine years of experience on board, Melik Aquarium is able to offer to the costumer the best on the market: high quality materials, systems with compensation tanks in the event of rough seas, automation managed by computer with touch screen, meticulous detail care, 24/7 assistance.

This dynamic international company combines in a qualified team the expertise of professional designers, engineers and biologists to offer customers a fully customized aquarium. With Melik Aquarium the idea of the customer turns and builds into a complete project, in line with the subjective needs and with the environment where the aquarium is going to be inserted. Melik Aquarium covers all stages of creation and preservation of the aquarium, following the customer from design to implementation, to maintenance over time of the product.

The preliminary design, created on the basis of the idea of the Customer and made even more effective by the use of 3D simulation, is followed by detailed design and project delivery to the plant site. The collaboration with the plant site is fundamental to the optimal performance of the project; the direction of the work is rigorously followed by the team of experts Melik Aquarium. Once positioned, the aquarium is subjected to tests in the sea with emergency maneuvers in order to check the stability and effectiveness of the tanks of compensation, as well as the remote management system with which technicians can intervene in distance to recreate the optimal conditions. The crew receive adequate training to operate the regular maintenance of the aquarium, with the possibility to make the control of the parameters of the water and of the equipment not only on the spot, but also from remote. Melik Aquarium’s technicians are available for ordinary maintanance operations in Italy and the French Riviera and, on request, for operations worldwide.

Melik Aquarium proves to be able to meet all demands, creating solutions for all contexts and needs. Every product is comparable to a work of haute couture, which combines the specific demands of the customer to the professionalism of our consultants, able to identify the perfect technical solution.

The creation of the aquarium does not simply take inspiration from the natural environment, but faithfully recreates the chosen habitat. The excellence of Melik Aquarium comes to the smallest details: you can even set the lights of the aquarium in order to recreate the natural conditions of the habitat, with dawn and sunset effect and moon phases that follows the one on the area of origin of the fishes in the aquarium.

Whether is the beauty of the ocean or the evocative atmosphere of a tropical river to charm you, Melik Aquarium recreates the magic of that environment in a design product. Thanks to the high quality materials used, the experience of the team Melik Aquarium and the continuing maintenance services, your dream takes shape and retains its luxurious shine.