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New age of Aquaria

Luxury and sustenibility

The corals' whitening is affecting a lot of barrier reefs, especially the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, made up by 2900 2000-chilometers-long barrier reefs. This phenomenon heavily affects the tropical ecosystems. The chromatic difference of the barrier reefs is produced by a seaweed; due to the change of the temperature, the octopuses living within the corals, expel the seaweed, thus causing the whitening effect.


Oftentimes the aquariums' market was held responsible for the massive destruction of the barrier reefs. This is just partially true, because the main causes of this phenomenon are linked to other human activities, having a devastating effect on these fragile ecosystems.

In recent years, thanks to an higher awareness on this topic and stricter rules, many aquariums companies have been searching for methods to grow in captivity the organisms living into the aquariums, including fishes and corals. A fish grown in captivity is already used to the life in the tank and wouldn't experience the stress of the collection and the change of the habitat.

The aim is to create a sustainable market of the species living in our aquariums, thus contributing to protect the barrier reefs. Growing fishes in captivity might be difficult, instead growing a coral in the same environment is much simpler.

Methods to help both hard and soft corals reproducing themselves are also available for amateurs, besides specialised companies. For this reason, every owner of an aquarium will be able to grow new groups of coral in his own tank.

Melik Aquarium relies on high-specialised wholesalers, who guarantee a respectful collection from the natural environment or a growth in controlled tanks. With these new conscious processes, it is possible to reverse the common belief that aquariums contribute to destroy our ecosystem.

Our aim is to demonstrate that having an aquarium is a distinctive sign of luxury and sustainability at the same time.