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MELIK Aquarium

Luxury aquariums have become a must-have element of style and elegance aboard superyachts these days.

There are manifestations of luxury that, more than others, are able to trap and express the essence of aesthetics and good taste of their owners. The aquarium, a refined piece of furniture par excellence, is now a regular element on luxury yachts.

Unique style, skilled professionals and the guarantee of an optimal habitat for the species introduced, with Melik Design Aquarium the aquarium becomes a living work of art, made with premium materials and the best technical solutions that will harmoniously fit the surroundings.

The creation of an aquarium on board a superyacht presents a number of additional difficulties compared

with solutions for domestic and commercial spaces. The success of the project is made possible by meticulous attention to detail earned through
years of experience. From preliminary design to material selection, from the coordination with the other workforces on board to a management plan and totally customised maintenance, everything has to be studied carefully. With nine years of experience on board, Melik Aquarium is able to offer to
the customer the best on the market: high-quality materials, systems with compensation tanks in the event of rough seas, automation managed by computer with touch screen, meticulous detail and 24/7 assistance.

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